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Biking your way through Venice

4 Sep

If you think that Venice is only for pedestrians¬† and that crossing¬† it involves a lot of climbing up and down stairs and bridges, well think again! And if you believe that in order to move a bit faster you must definitely hop on a ‘vaporetto’ I have news for you: you can also bike in Venice!

While this is not exactly true for the main town (yes, there are tons of bridges and there is barely any space other than that used by pedestrians) you can get away from the crowd and enjoy it all, perched on a bike, if you go towards the islands surrounding Venice. Continue reading


Venice – the obvious and the not so obvious

7 Jun

If you live in Veneto like I do or have the chance to spend a fair amount of time in this region, the touristy places lose a little bit of their shine and glamour and you might find yourself connecting the beautiful places with the hustle and bustle coming with being such a popular place.

If you consider visiting Venice you’ll definitely have to keep in mind that Continue reading

Venice Carnival

2 Mar

Next week I’ll tell you all you need to know about Nice carnival and La F√™te du citron (The Lemon festival) in Menton but for now I’d like to tell you about the Venice Carnival.

It’s a must for everybody living in the province of Veneto (even if I still have friends born here who not only have never been to any of these carnivals but are doing their best not to come anywhere near the place on these occasions) and, of course, you get to meet people from everywhere in the world. Continue reading

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