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It’s Carnival time in Nice

17 Mar

I didn’t really mean to go to Nice this year but a friend of mine suggested I might as well since I was going to Menton which is just 1/2h away and both carnivals happened on the same days.

So here we are again on Friday evening, our working day just finished, driving towards France with the intention of spending Saturday in Nice, Sunday in Menton and half of Monday somewhere on the road before heading home. I wasn’t really driving actually, I’m only the’ organisation master’ :). We arrived in Nice at around 1.30 am and luckily I booked a no-curfew hostel because Continue reading

Venice Carnival

2 Mar

Next week I’ll tell you all you need to know about Nice carnival and La Fête du citron (The Lemon festival) in Menton but for now I’d like to tell you about the Venice Carnival.

It’s a must for everybody living in the province of Veneto (even if I still have friends born here who not only have never been to any of these carnivals but are doing their best not to come anywhere near the place on these occasions) and, of course, you get to meet people from everywhere in the world. Continue reading

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