Autumn food festivals in northern Italy

22 Oct

If you think about coming to Italy you probably picture yourself soaking up the sun on one of the beautiful beaches along the cost or on one of the islands during the summer holidays or our marvelous towns or, maybe, enjoying the snow-covered slopes on the mountains in the North during winter. Or, again, strolling through the Tuscan hills and sipping some Chianti wine in early September.

I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t know what to do with October: the weather might be pretty bad, often rainy, the days shorter and the snow still has to’d think twice before booking a flight to Italy, especially to the northern part!

And you’d be wrong not only because you’d  miss some good discounts on your travel and the possibility to enjoy the country without a lot of the other fellow tourists around but you’d also miss something that is pretty characteristic for the Italian autumn: festivals!

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Ferrara Balloons Festival

17 Sep

The reason I like balloons so much is because they sum up a couple of things I really love:  colours, wind and cartoons. Colours, I love them all: red, yellow, green, purple, just name it, and I usually wear them depending on the mood I’m in. As for the wind, there is nothing better than a sunny windy day on my skin and through my hair, not the winter chilly one of course, but all the other seasons work fine for me. I don’t get that much wind where I live so when it happens it always makes my day. As for cartoons Continue reading

Biking your way through Venice

4 Sep

If you think that Venice is only for pedestrians  and that crossing  it involves a lot of climbing up and down stairs and bridges, well think again! And if you believe that in order to move a bit faster you must definitely hop on a ‘vaporetto’ I have news for you: you can also bike in Venice!

While this is not exactly true for the main town (yes, there are tons of bridges and there is barely any space other than that used by pedestrians) you can get away from the crowd and enjoy it all, perched on a bike, if you go towards the islands surrounding Venice. Continue reading

You know you’re on holiday when ______

20 Aug

There are some things I always do while on holiday but I’m sure everybody has their own ways of spending their free time and whilst I find these things definitely enjoyable, they could be a hustle for others.

So this is my list of top 10 things that define my holiday:

1. You know you’re on holiday when you get corns on your fingers from using the camera.

2. You know you’re on holiday when you drink a coffee every morning to keep you alert  for the day. ( I don’t like coffee and barely ever drink it!) Continue reading

Turda salt mine

13 Jul

While I was home last year, my sister took me to see Turda salt mine telling me I’d be surprised. My first surprise came when seeing so many cars in the parking lot in front of the main entrance and especially so many buses… We are still not that used with tourists poking their noses around 🙂 . Continue reading

Biertan or simply where I come from

26 Jun

I’ve decided to start my posts about Romania, my home country, with a post about Biertan, a small Romanian village in the Sibiu county.

If you google it a little bit you’ll find out that it’s one of the most important Saxon villages with fortified churches in Transylvania (Birthalm, as the Saxons would call it), that it has been listed among the Unesco World Heritage sites and Continue reading

Venice – the obvious and the not so obvious

7 Jun

If you live in Veneto like I do or have the chance to spend a fair amount of time in this region, the touristy places lose a little bit of their shine and glamour and you might find yourself connecting the beautiful places with the hustle and bustle coming with being such a popular place.

If you consider visiting Venice you’ll definitely have to keep in mind that Continue reading

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