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You know you’re on holiday when ______

20 Aug

There are some things I always do while on holiday but I’m sure everybody has their own ways of spending their free time and whilst I find these things definitely enjoyable, they could be a hustle for others.

So this is my list of top 10 things that define my holiday:

1. You know you’re on holiday when you get corns on your fingers from using the camera.

2. You know you’re on holiday when you drink a coffee every morning to keep you alert  for the day. ( I don’t like coffee and barely ever drink it!) Continue reading


Hello world!

21 Feb

Hi everybody!

It’s been years since I have this obsessive-compulsive approach to travelling. I spend every single spare time looking for possible trips to some place more or less remote or actually planning thoroughly entire do-it-yourself journeys without knowing when and if I will ever be able to reach these places. It’s what I do to keep myself relaxed.

So after getting everybody around me eventually annoyed with travel plans for the following year (of course I have already booked everything for this year around! ) I’ve decided to start this blog as a relief valve and share with you not only some information on my actual or possible future travels but also all the tips I run across on internet in order to make a trip both cheep and enjoyable.

Hope you enjoy!

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