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The tour around Putia mountain in the Dolomites

14 Nov

If you appreciate the great outdoors then some healthy trekking around the Dolomites, in northern Italy, is what you’re looking for. And this not only because the Dolomites are a world heritage site since 2009 but because you can find hikes for everyone’s taste: easy or difficult, long or short, you can use your city shoes, take the ski lifts or you have to be equipped for ladders and iron ropes (vie ferrate).

The tour around Putia mountain (Sasso Putia) is a stunning round tour in Alta Badia, which can be done both clockwise and counter-clockwise. Being 13km long, your path will take you through pastures and steep rocks, great natural beauties and amazing viewpoints. It also gives you the possibility to climb the top of Grande or Piccolo Sasso Putia and enjoy a panoramic view unlike any other of the peaks of the Dolomites, in which case you’ll have to carry along your climbing outfit.

We started the tour after a lovely winding road from San Martino in Badia at Passo delle Erbe where we left our car in front of Utia de Borz refuge (2006m). Continue reading


Autumn food festivals in northern Italy

22 Oct

If you think about coming to Italy you probably picture yourself soaking up the sun on one of the beautiful beaches along the cost or on one of the islands during the summer holidays or our marvelous towns or, maybe, enjoying the snow-covered slopes on the mountains in the North during winter. Or, again, strolling through the Tuscan hills and sipping some Chianti wine in early September.

I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t know what to do with October: the weather might be pretty bad, often rainy, the days shorter and the snow still has to’d think twice before booking a flight to Italy, especially to the northern part!

And you’d be wrong not only because you’d  miss some good discounts on your travel and the possibility to enjoy the country without a lot of the other fellow tourists around but you’d also miss something that is pretty characteristic for the Italian autumn: festivals!

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I ‘heart’ bike

4 May

When I think about my childhood I don’t remember being an unruly child, running away from home, breaking things or doing anything adventurous. I was more of a quiet, shy girl who used to spend her time reading. I didn’t even have a bike or feel the need of riding one and when I saw one of the other kids riding around I remember thinking of biking as something slightly dangerous and thought better to steer clear.

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Off the beaten track destinations

9 Mar

I’ve never really walked in anyone’s shoes and I’ve always preferred the path to the highway as an attitude to life in general. So, speaking of travelling, I have always been a sucker for hidden gems, unknown places or less photographed spots and, even if I visited more than 20 countries and 230 cities, I still have to see Paris or Berlin and I visited London only a couple of months ago for work reasons. It doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate these places, I just feel the crowd’s gaze could somehow depersonalize them and I find it more difficult to relate to.

So I can help but reply to the contest  Lumeamare organized on their blog in which, in order to win a book, I have to give them a list of 5 of my preferred less travelled destinations and of other 5 I’d like to go to. So here we go: Continue reading

Top 10 travels

27 Feb

I have already booked every long weekend or holiday I have till August so the following list it’s more of a wish list for the year/s to come. Still, I feel like listing it will get me somehow closer to the actual destination. It’s a list in progress, subject to everyday changes ;):

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Dear March or ‘Martisor’

26 Feb

Since 1st of March is just around the corner and this is my first post I’ d like to tell you about Martisor, a holiday celebrated in Romania at the beginning of March. The first day of the month, boys and men offer girls or women this martisor, a token that celebrates the beginning of the spring and that literally means ‘Little March’ or ‘Dear March’. They are little amulets of all shapes and colours, attached to a red and white string, but the most common ones are chimney sweeps, four-leaf clovers or horseshoes. Continue reading

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