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The Travelling Cat (3)

13 Feb


A very gourmand cat as a wanna-be thief in Fez, Morocco 2011



Off the beaten track destinations

9 Mar

I’ve never really walked in anyone’s shoes and I’ve always preferred the path to the highway as an attitude to life in general. So, speaking of travelling, I have always been a sucker for hidden gems, unknown places or less photographed spots and, even if I visited more than 20 countries and 230 cities, I still have to see Paris or Berlin and I visited London only a couple of months ago for work reasons. It doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate these places, I just feel the crowd’s gaze could somehow depersonalize them and I find it more difficult to relate to.

So I can help but reply to the contest  Lumeamare organized on their blog in which, in order to win a book, I have to give them a list of 5 of my preferred less travelled destinations and of other 5 I’d like to go to. So here we go: Continue reading

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