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Lyon Lights Festival – Fête des lumières

4 Dec

Although there are other festivals of this kind around the world, the Festival of Lights in Berlin or the Diwali Festival in India,  the Lyon one is probably the most representative. Its origins come from as far as the 16th century and it celebrates the day when Virgin Mary spared the town from plague. Candles were lit up for that occasion and candles are lit up now everywhere at people’s windowsills all over town together with the fireworks launched from the top of Fourvière Hill by the municipality.

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Fete du citron aka Lemon Festival in Menton

6 Apr

The spring is yet to come, these are the last days of the winter carnival but boy the oranges and lemons do look and smell so juicy and summery! And if you’re lucky, like we’ve been, to celebrate the festival in a sunny day, then despite the crowd, you’ll really enjoy yourself! And I guess it’s easy to be  lucky with the weather on Cote d’Azur even at the beginning of March!

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It’s Carnival time in Nice

17 Mar

I didn’t really mean to go to Nice this year but a friend of mine suggested I might as well since I was going to Menton which is just 1/2h away and both carnivals happened on the same days.

So here we are again on Friday evening, our working day just finished, driving towards France with the intention of spending Saturday in Nice, Sunday in Menton and half of Monday somewhere on the road before heading home. I wasn’t really driving actually, I’m only the’ organisation master’ :). We arrived in Nice at around 1.30 am and luckily I booked a no-curfew hostel because Continue reading

Off the beaten track destinations

9 Mar

I’ve never really walked in anyone’s shoes and I’ve always preferred the path to the highway as an attitude to life in general. So, speaking of travelling, I have always been a sucker for hidden gems, unknown places or less photographed spots and, even if I visited more than 20 countries and 230 cities, I still have to see Paris or Berlin and I visited London only a couple of months ago for work reasons. It doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate these places, I just feel the crowd’s gaze could somehow depersonalize them and I find it more difficult to relate to.

So I can help but reply to the contest  Lumeamare organized on their blog in which, in order to win a book, I have to give them a list of 5 of my preferred less travelled destinations and of other 5 I’d like to go to. So here we go: Continue reading

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