About me

The first thing I remember about my budding love for travel is a 10 years-old me leafing through a travel magazine called Voyage and looking at some pictures of Crimea’s pebble beaches with awe and curiosity: as far as I knew beaches were made of yellow sand not of shiny black little stones!

I grew up in an Eastern European country during what (I later found out) was called a Communist dictatorship so not only hadn’t I even the slightest idea of what ‘travel’ might mean (we had barely the possibility to go and see our grandparents who lived 200km away!), but I had absolutely no idea that there was an entire world out there, so huge and beautiful and diverse.

I crossed the country border relatively at a late age, I was 21 and it was a mind-blowing 10 day trip to Rome and Venice: I saw palm trees for the first time and I felt I was constantly living in a postcard! One year later I left my country with a scholarship from my university never to return again, if not for holidays. Now it’s been 13 years since I’ve lived in Padua in the North-Eastern part of Italy, I’ve lived 1 year in Sydney, Australia and I always try to take advantage of any longer weekend or holiday to go out and see places.

Julia Kristeva once said that the sense of ‘strangeness’ or ‘foreignness’ manifests itself in relation to one’s own feelings of difference and it is obliterated when it becomes clear that we are all strangers. I tend to agree with her since I believe she also implies the opposite: one can feel at home everywhere and, as long as one keeps moving, this capacity of adapting to any place and situation will never grow less!

What else might define me?

I’m in love with languages, I have a master degree in Italian and French and another one in English and I’ve also studied some Spanish, German and a little Japanese. I’ve always felt appalled by the power the knowledge of a language can give, how it opens doors, breaks walls and enables communication.

I’m a photo maniac, I take as many pictures as my camera allows me to (a lot!) and at the end of my travels I always have corns of my fingers. Last year I struggled through a photography course and I’ve (almost) learnt how to handle my Nikon :-).

And I’m really into blogging, not so much my own, more that of others.  I’m always very curious about what other people have to say or what they have experienced, being it travels, cooking, books, movies or just thoughts on various subjects: it’s like having the privilege to enter their own little world with its peculiarity.

I hope you’ll also find something worth coming back on my blog, travel ideas or just beautiful pictures so I’ll see you around.



2 Responses to “About me”

  1. Nicola Edmonds January 23, 2012 at 3:30 am #

    Hi Maria

    I’ve been very much enjoying reading your lovely blog this afternoon.
    I work as an editorial photographer and writer here in New Zealand. I heard about the food festival in Transylvania last year and mentioned this to one of my clients – ‘Dish’: a food and recipes magazine. They would LOVE for me to do a story on the festival for them so I wondered if there might be someone in particular who I could contact to get more information about the festival and whether they might be interested in hosting a journalist. I haven’t been able to find a specific website.
    Do you know the date for the festival this year? I’m not sure that I will be able to come to Europe in July but perhaps – from all that you say, there may be plenty of farmers and food providers to meet outside of the festival too.

    Any suggestions or information that you could provide would be very much appreciated!!

    Kind regards


  1. Cu trenul prin Italia | trans-ferro.com - April 27, 2012

    […] post de Maria Plaias, blogger dustylaces.wordpress.com si corespondent din Italia […]

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