The tour around Putia mountain in the Dolomites

14 Nov

If you appreciate the great outdoors then some healthy trekking around the Dolomites, in northern Italy, is what you’re looking for. And this not only because the Dolomites are a world heritage site since 2009 but because you can find hikes for everyone’s taste: easy or difficult, long or short, you can use your city shoes, take the ski lifts or you have to be equipped for ladders and iron ropes (vie ferrate).

The tour around Putia mountain (Sasso Putia) is a stunning round tour in Alta Badia, which can be done both clockwise and counter-clockwise. Being 13km long, your path will take you through pastures and steep rocks, great natural beauties and amazing viewpoints. It also gives you the possibility to climb the top of Grande or Piccolo Sasso Putia and enjoy a panoramic view unlike any other of the peaks of the Dolomites, in which case you’ll have to carry along your climbing outfit.

We started the tour after a lovely winding road from San Martino in Badia at Passo delle Erbe where we left our car in front of Utia de Borz refuge (2006m).From Passo delle Erbe we took the 8A path that goes uphill on a dirt road, after a short slight slope and a fair climb amidst wonderful meadows, and leads in about 20 min to the Utia Munt de Furnela refuge (2080m). We followed the counter-clockwise way so we turned right and, still on dirt road, we crossed the Campaccio fields.

After a little while the dirt road finished so we followed on a little path up between the same fields.

Gradually the meadows were replaced by rocks and the path got wilder but kept a beautiful view over the pinnacles.

A slope slightly downhill followed and, at some points, it got a little too exposed so, if wet, it can become slippery and it’s better to proceed slowly and keep you close to the rock on your left.Past this point the path still continued downhill till it encountered a crossroads, not more than 25 min walk from Munt de Furnela. From here we followed  straight uphill on path no.4 that started to  get a little steep and after many turns among taluses and rocks we arrived at Forcella de Putia m.2357, a grassy opening between Sass Putia and Odle di Eores.Starting from the top there are several paths to choose from: at your right you can take the long way and reach , on level land and in about 20 min, Genova Refuge m.2301 (and 20 min back); at your left the path will lead you after a steep serpentine and a 150m part, equipped with iron ropes, to the Sass Putia peak m.2875 (you’ll need around 1.10 h to climb up and 40 min to climb down).

We decided to take the long way so we turned right and walked till Genova Refuge. The landscape and views over Val Badia and the Puez-Odle mountain group are just gorgeous. We also stopped for a sandwich we prepared in advance amidst these wonderful pastures. If you go in September, like we did, it’s better to bring some food with you, you might not find anything to buy up here, most of the refuges are already closed.
The third solution, and the easiest one, is to keep straight, go downhill following the signs indicating Malga Vacaria, walk along marvelous pastures in front of the south-eastern face of Sass Putia and enjoy a mesmerizing view over Croda di S. Croce and Val Badia.The path went all ups and downs through a forest and took us to Passo Goma first and then to Utia de Goma. From there, with the sun already setting, we continued on level land through the wood till Munt de Furnela and then downhill to Passo delle Erbe, finishing thus the round tour.One last note: we had read that it takes about 4.30 hours to complete the entire round tour but it took us something like  7 hours. When we came back the sun was already setting. Yes, we walked slowly and we stopped for short breaks to eat and yes, I stopped for tons of pictures, but still it took us at least 2 hours more than expected.  You might be a faster walker, still it’s better to allow yourself the entire day for this tour: if you’ll do it on a sunny day it’s beautiful just to sit on the grass and enjoy the view from above and if you catch the sunset, the changing colours and light are just jaw-dropping.


6 Responses to “The tour around Putia mountain in the Dolomites”

  1. ancutza November 15, 2011 at 12:41 am #

    wonderful, my all times fav mountains in Italy. Lucky you !:)

    • dusty laces November 16, 2011 at 5:56 pm #

      Matrioska, we should organize some trekking together, you, me and Michi :)! Seriously!

  2. Orel Engel November 16, 2011 at 3:02 pm #

    I lived in Italy and havent even been able to find some time to trek in the Dolomiti.. But your post makes me want to plan something!!

    • dusty laces November 16, 2011 at 5:54 pm #

      Good then :-). I’m glad I could be helpful! You won’t be sorry, the DOlomiti are really beautiful!

  3. Karen November 28, 2011 at 10:26 pm #

    The Dolomites are so beautiful. We were in Ortisei in October and so many people staying at our hotel went hiking each day with a guide. I was nervous on some sections of the roads in the Dolomites but they look like a piece of cake compared to some of those paths right at the edge of the mountains. I got to experience your hike in the comfort of my home…just great.

    • dusty laces December 8, 2011 at 2:01 pm #

      Karen, I haven’t been to Ortisei yet but I believe all the Dolomites are really great. I’ve done just a few hikes but I’ll definitely go back next summer. And yes, some paths could be quite scary but that’s the beauty of it, I guess (once you’re on the other side) :-).
      Thanks for your words.

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