Ferrara Balloons Festival

17 Sep

The reason I like balloons so much is because they sum up a couple of things I really love:  colours, wind and cartoons. Colours, I love them all: red, yellow, green, purple, just name it, and I usually wear them depending on the mood I’m in. As for the wind, there is nothing better than a sunny windy day on my skin and through my hair, not the winter chilly one of course, but all the other seasons work fine for me. I don’t get that much wind where I live so when it happens it always makes my day. As for cartoons, I know, I’m too old for that staff, but they always make me laugh and feel good (Almost always. I mean, have you seen Miyazaki’s Grave of the Fireflies? Totally depressing!)

So when Ancutza from matrioska’s adventures paid me a visit we organized a day out to see Ferrara Balloons Festival since Ferrara is just one hour drive from where I live.The festival is usually held during the second week of September in a park called Bassani at the outskirts of Ferrara. We went on a Saturday since during the weekend there is also a night glow show when the balloons are illuminated to the rhythm of music, but the day was all cloudy and rainy and left us just hanging around a little bit disappointed.There are also a lot of stands where you can buy everything from sweets and ice cream to  local food so you might still enjoy it even if the day is not good for balloon flying.The following day though, when we decided to give it another try, well, the weather was a totally different story 🙂So let the party begin and the spectators be entertained!Like every year, you can book a free flight (allow yourself 3 hour time for that, one hour of which will be the actual flight – it will cost you up to 180 euro) or a pinned down flight (your balloon will raise 30m in the air so you’ll enjoy the view from up above, but you’ll still be anchored with ropes to the ground – 5 euros),you can admire balloons in all kind of shapes coming from all over the world,or even the Italian para airmechanics doing some pretty amazing stunts in the air. And if you visit the festival during the weekend, then you’ll be charmed by the light and music that accompanies the dance of the glowing balloons. We even got the chance, at the end of the evening, to witness a Pink Floyd cover concert. I’m sure you’ll recognize the song from the picture bellow 😉Tomorrow is the last day of this year’s festival so if you decide to attend and want to look for more information you can find it here. Have a nice flight :)!


One Response to “Ferrara Balloons Festival”

  1. ancutza September 17, 2011 at 11:56 pm #

    We had such a great time yuppiieee:):)! Beautiful colors and photos and…miss you:).

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