Venice – the obvious and the not so obvious

7 Jun

If you live in Veneto like I do or have the chance to spend a fair amount of time in this region, the touristy places lose a little bit of their shine and glamour and you might find yourself connecting the beautiful places with the hustle and bustle coming with being such a popular place.

If you consider visiting Venice you’ll definitely have to keep in mind that, in whatever part of the year you might want to come there will always be thousands of other people who had the same thought as you and that crowds and queues to the main attractions are unavoidable.

Still, don’t be disappointed, Venice is a really gorgeous place and even if you find some things corny (like the gondoliers with their striped shirts calling after you!) or maybe even too familiar because of all the media, you’ll still enjoy it.

Venice has a charm of its own, it might be the light or the colours, the tiny pebble streets and the cute little bridges, the lazy waves of the water passing along the channels or just the taste of ice-cream, or maybe all of that and something more that drags you in and lets you dazed.

I’m not gonna tell you about all the things you could see in Venice, there are plenty of websites for that, but I have a small piece of advice:  follow roughly your travel guide (you’ll end up in piazza San Marco anyway!) and follow your instincts instead: your nose, your eyes, your steps will take you away from the crowd and you’ll be surprised to discover lovely piazzas and ca’s (the Venetian word for street) where there is no one but you and a couple of locals, just a corner away. Dare just to stroll around, Venice is a safe place, and dare also to stay till late.  Most people leave Venice in the evening, so you’ ll share the sunset with just a happy few.

And then there are also all the islands around Venice: the famous Burano, Murano, Torcello, Lido, and the less famous Pellestrina, San Francesco del Deserto, Isola delle Vignole, Sant’Andrea, so you can always run for the islands on a vaporetto (ferry),  there will always be fewer people there than in Venice itself. And if you arrive in the summer and feel like having a night swim – ferries run till late in the night! –  Lido is the place, you’ll have the beach and the starry night just for yourself (or, better, yourselves 😉 ) .

But I’ll tell you more about the islands some other time…


3 Responses to “Venice – the obvious and the not so obvious”

  1. ancutza June 9, 2011 at 12:48 am #

    wonderful places, images(all but my very fave is the third:)),tips. ..and memories:).

    • dusty laces June 23, 2011 at 12:47 pm #

      I’ve just seen your comment! Thanks Anca!


  1. O fotografie, Veneţia! | impresii din lumea mare - July 29, 2011

    […] Veneţia by Dusty Laces. Maria e de-a casei de zece ani, citiţi, sigur veţi afla lucruri noi. Translator si sociolog în devenire, Alinei îi place sa împărtăşească studenţia ei pariziană cu cititorii LumeaMare. Crede cu tărie în acest proiect şi în echipa din jurul Roxanei. Şi mai crede în potenţialul turistic al ţării ei, oricât de naiv ar suna asta. De aici şi secţiunile în engleză şi franceză ale blogului, de care se ocupă. Una dintre plăcerile ei cele mai mari, atunci când scrie pentru LumeaMare, e sa stea de vorbă cu alti călători, să le afle pasiunile, locurile preferate…diversitatea e fascinantă! Alina Website-ul meu Urmareste-ma pe Twitter   < O fotografie … să mai dormim un pic […]

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