Top 10 travels

27 Feb

I have already booked every long weekend or holiday I have till August so the following list it’s more of a wish list for the year/s to come. Still, I feel like listing it will get me somehow closer to the actual destination. It’s a list in progress, subject to everyday changes ;):

1. Iceland – for its strange landscapes, its glaciers and volcanic craters

2. USA – for its South-West National Parks

3. Rajasthan – for its gorgeous temples (also Amritsar)

4. Portugal – for Sintra, Obidos and the stunning South coastline

5. France – Provence in May and July

6. Romania – Delta Dunarii, Maramures, all of it actually, because it’s where I come from and I’ve seen very little of it

7. Croatia – for Dubrovnik and the Dalmatian coast

8. Sicilia – for Etna and the Eolie islands

9. France – Alsace in September

10. Malta – for its underrated Comino


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