The Travelling Cat (4)

21 Feb

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A very curious cat on a windowsill in San Marino, Italy, 2010.


The Travelling Cat (3)

13 Feb


A very gourmand cat as a wanna-be thief in Fez, Morocco 2011


The Travelling Cat (2)

6 Feb

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A Virgil cat taking us along the cobblestone streets and stairs of Labin, Croatia 2012

The Travelling Cat (1)

30 Jan


A fierce kitten defending the Saadien Tombs in Marrakesh, Morocco 2011

New Year, new start

2 Jan
It’s not a New year’s resolution even if it looks like one. It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a while now, but couldn’t put myself into it. Why now? And what happened with last year?
Well, life happened. Me happened. Or, to be more precise, you happened.
I’m thinking about all those film scenes where two are breaking up and one of them says to the other: “it’s not you, it’s me”. Only, in my case, it’s not me, it’s you.

Who are you? I kept wondering who I was writing for. I mean, I’m a Romanian girl living in Italy and writing in English and my experiences are, well, thrice lingual and thrice cultural. Can you relate to me in any way? Is relating so important? Will I be able to find my own ‘voice’ and be true and honest to myself? Could my point of view give you some insight or writing for you might lead me away from myself? Is it ‘myself’ worth knowing with all those travel blogs out there?

It took me a while to realise something pretty simple: if I write for myself, there will be at least one reader if not happy at least content with the result. Me.
I’m not sure yet what shape my blog will take, but I hope you’ll also like it enough to stick around.

Lyon Lights Festival – Fête des lumières

4 Dec

Although there are other festivals of this kind around the world, the Festival of Lights in Berlin or the Diwali Festival in India,  the Lyon one is probably the most representative. Its origins come from as far as the 16th century and it celebrates the day when Virgin Mary spared the town from plague. Candles were lit up for that occasion and candles are lit up now everywhere at people’s windowsills all over town together with the fireworks launched from the top of Fourvière Hill by the municipality.

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The tour around Putia mountain in the Dolomites

14 Nov

If you appreciate the great outdoors then some healthy trekking around the Dolomites, in northern Italy, is what you’re looking for. And this not only because the Dolomites are a world heritage site since 2009 but because you can find hikes for everyone’s taste: easy or difficult, long or short, you can use your city shoes, take the ski lifts or you have to be equipped for ladders and iron ropes (vie ferrate).

The tour around Putia mountain (Sasso Putia) is a stunning round tour in Alta Badia, which can be done both clockwise and counter-clockwise. Being 13km long, your path will take you through pastures and steep rocks, great natural beauties and amazing viewpoints. It also gives you the possibility to climb the top of Grande or Piccolo Sasso Putia and enjoy a panoramic view unlike any other of the peaks of the Dolomites, in which case you’ll have to carry along your climbing outfit.

We started the tour after a lovely winding road from San Martino in Badia at Passo delle Erbe where we left our car in front of Utia de Borz refuge (2006m). Continue reading

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